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American Houses

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American Houses

  American houses usually have private kitchens, a living room and sometimes separate areas for eating and watching television. A house usually has its own mailbox, a yard with plants or perhaps a lawn, and a place to store garbage out of sight.

  A bungalow is a small house with one or two bedrooms and usually one bathroom.    

  A mansion is a real big house with many bedrooms and several bathrooms.

  A ranch house usually has three or four bedrooms. The "master bedroom" for the mother and father usually has its own bathroom.

  An apartment is usually one living space within a building. Several apartment can be in the same building, with a shared yard, parking spaces, and garbage.

  A town house is a two-floor apartment. The kitchen, living room and dining room are usually on the first floor and the bedrooms are on the second floor.

  A studio apartment may have a separate kitchen, but the living room is also the bedroom!

  A condominium, or "condo" for short, is an apartment that is owned by the occupant, not the building owners.

  Most American are happy to talk about their homes. And if they've done anything special in their home, they'll let you know what it was, and maybe tell you what it cost to put in the Jacuzzi, deck or patio, etc.Most Americans live in cities, but nearly as many live in suburbs. Suburban American has shopping centers called malls and residents usually need a care to get around. Most of the houses in the suburbs are one or two stories tall, with private yards and gardens and garage. There are few tall buildings in the suburbs. Cities have neighborhoods, "warehouse" stores, and public transportation (bused, trains and taxis) is usually pretty good. Private houses might only have a back yard, and if there is a garage it probably is small. Cities have a lot of apartment buildings and some tall buildings may seem to "scrape the sky", so they are called "skyscraper".
  大部分美国人高兴谈论他们的住宅。如果他们在家里做了什么特殊的事,他们会告诉你是什么事,也许会告诉你安装亚可磁、露天平台或露台等花了多少钱。 大部分美国人住在城市,但住在郊区的人也不为少。美国郊区有购物中心,称做mall(步行商业区),而居民通常需要有一部车去购物。郊区大部分住房都是一两层高,有私人庭院、花园和车房。郊区很少见到高建筑物。城市有居民小区、仓储商店,公共交通(公共汽车、火车和出租车)通常也很不错。私人住宅也许只有一个后院,要是有车房,车房也不会大。城市有许多公寓楼,一些高层建筑就象是"触摸天空",因此称作摩天大楼。
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