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Mother Machree

Time: 2006-05-14 9:24:10  Hit: 4126
Mother Machree

  There's a spot in my heart

  which no colleen may own;

  There's a depth in my soul

  never sounded or known;

  There's a place in my memory

  my life that you fill;

  No other can take it

  no one ever will;

  Every sorrow or care

  in the dear days gone by;

  Was made bright by the light

  of the smile in your eye;

  Like a candle that's set

  in a window at night;

  Your fond love has cheered me

  and guided me right;

  Sure I love the dear silver

  that shines in your hair;

  And the brow that's all furrowed

  and wrinkled with care;

  I kiss the dear fingers

  so toil warm for me;

  Oh! God bless you and

  keep you, mother machree!

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