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We always highly value what is entrusted from by customers and dedicate to achieving the expectation of customers in the spirit of high-efficiency, brevity and low-cost. We will insist on promoting our capabilities.
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Time: 2006-05-14 9:25:32  Hit: 4085

   Sound the Flute!

 Now it's mute.

  Birds delight

  Day and Night.


  In the dale,

  Lark in Sky


  Merrily Merrily to welcome in the Year.

  Little Boy

  Full of joy.

  Little Girl

  Sweet and small.

  Cock does crow,

  So do you.

  Merry voice,

  Infant noise,

  Merrily Merrily to welcome in the Year.

  Little Lamb,

  Here I am,

  Come and lick

  My white neck.

  Let me pull

  Your soft Wool.

  Let me kiss

  Your soft face.

  Merrily Merrily we welcome in the Year.

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