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Everday English Abrreviations in Interpretation

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Everday English Abrreviations in Interpretation
Abrreviations         Source word
APT                 Apartment
ACC                 Accountant
ACDG                According
ACPT                Accept
AD                  Advertisement
ADS                 Address
ADV                Advice
AMAP               As much/many as possible
AMT                Amount
APV                 Approve
ASAP                As soon as possible
BAL                 Balance
BLDG                Building
CERT                Certificate
CFM                 Conform
CNCL                Cancel
CNF                 Conference
CMI                 Commission
CMP                 Complete
CMPE                Compete/competitive
CMU                 Communication         
CONC                Concern/concerning/concerned
COND                Condition
CO.                   Company
DEPT                 Department
DISC                 Discount
DPT                  Departure
EXCH                Exchange
EXPLN               Explain
EXT                  Extent
FLT                   Flight
FNT                  Final
FRT                  Freight
FYR                  For your reference
GD                    Good
GUAR                Guarantee
H.O.                  Home office
INFO                  Information
IMPS                  Impossible
IMP(T)                 Important
INCD                   Include
INDIV                  Individual
INS                    Insurance
INTST                  Interested
I/O                     In stead of
IOU                    I owe you
IVO                      In view of
MANUF                 Manufacture
MDL                     Model
MEMO                   Memorandum
MGR                    Manger
MIN                     Minimum
MKT                     Market
MSG                     Message
NCRY                    Necessary
NLT                      No later than
OBS                      Observe
OBT                      Obtain
ORD                      Ordinary
PAT                       Patent
PC                        Piece
PKG                      Packing
PL                        People
PLS                       Please
POSN                      Position
POSS(BL)                  Possible
PROD                      Product
QLTY                      Quality
QUTY                      Quantity
RCV                        Receive
REF                        Reference
REGL                       Regular
REP                         Representative
RESN                       Reservation
RPT                         Repeat
RESPON                     Responsible
SEC                         Section
SITN                        Situation
STD                         Standard
TEL                          Telephone
TEMP                        Temporary
TGM                         Telegraph
THO                          Though
TKS                           Thanks
TRD                           Trade
TRF                           Traffic
TTL                           Total
U                              You
UR                            Your
WK                           Week
WL                             Will
WT                            Weight
XL                            Extra large
Z 表示“人”people/person,因为“Z”看上去像个人头,它通常被写在一个词或符号的右上角。例如:日本人:JZ。
C 表示政府,统治:government,govern 希腊字母C读/ga:ma/,近似government, 所以就用C来表示govern, government。governmental official 可以表示为 CZ
P 表示政治:politics, political希腊字母P读/pai/,近似politics, political。那么politician就可以表示为 PZ
E 表示总数:total, totally, entire, entirely, on the whole, all in all, to sum up, ect.  E 数学符号表示总值。
G 表示效率:efficient, effective。G为效率符号。
Q 表示“通货膨胀”:inflation因为这个符号酷似一个上升的气球。
A 表示农业: agriculture. agriculture经常用到,所以用首字母代替。
B 表示商业:business
C× 表示冲突,矛盾:conflict,confrontation“C×”中的“×”表示反对,字母“C”将反对的概念缩小为conflict 和 confrontation。
W 表示工作,职业: work, employ 等。它是work的第一个字母。所以WZ就可以用来表示worker, 而W(Z在字母上方表示employer, 在字母下方表示employee)。
i 表示工业: industry, industrial 字母i 像只烟囱,所以用来可以用来表示工业。
U U 看酷似一个酒杯,在笔记中表示合同、协议(treaty, agreement)一般只有在谈判成功、协议成交后才会表示“举杯祝贺”。如果在U内填入2××××,就可以表示为bilateral(双边的), 填入3表示为trilateral(三边的)。填入在U中填入1表示: Unilateralism(单边主义),填入m (multiple) 表示多边主义。如果在U上加一个“/”××××表示谈判破裂。
O 表示“国家”、“民族”、“领土”等:country, state, nation, etc.gO表示进口,Og表示出口
这个符号酷似一把椅子,可以表示主持、主办:chair, host, preside over。那么在此符号上加Z表示主席,主持人:chairman, host, etc.
T 表示“领导人”:leader, head那么head of government, head of company 便可以表示为 CT
⊙ 圆圈表示一个圆桌,中间一点表示一盆花,这个符号就可以表示会议、开会等:meeting,conference, negotiation,seminar,discussion,symposium
k 这个符号看上像条鱼,所以表示“捕鱼业”等合fishery 有关的词汇。
O 圆圈代表地球,横线表示赤道,所以这个符号就可以表示国际的、世界的、全球的等: international, worldwide, global, universal, etc.
J 表示开心:pleasant, joyful,happy,excited, etc.
L 表示不满、生气unsatisfied, discomfort, angry, sad, etc.
EO 表示听到、总所周之:as we all know, as is known to all, as you have already heard of, etc.
O 表示漠不关心、无动于衷:indifferent, apathetic, unconcern, don’t care much, etc.
三、 箭头
g 表示到达、传达:go into,arrive at,give to,send to,present to etc.
表示导致、引导:lead to, result in, in the direction of, etc.
表示屈服:submit to
f 表示来自于:be/come from,return,receive from, etc.
表示追溯到:come/go back to,originate
h 表示上升:up/upward/rise,increase,arise,ascend, etc.
表示发射、投放市场、发行:launch,open, start, etc.
表示发展、加强、推进:develop,strengthen, promote, etc
表示“波折”:ups and downs, twists and turns, etc.
四、 数学符号
+ 表示“多”: many, lots of, a great deal of, a good many of, etc.
++(+2) 表示“多”的比较级:more
+3 表示“多”的最高级:most
- 表示“少”: little, few, lack ,in short of/ be in shortage of etc.
× 表示“错误”、“失误”和“坏”的概念:wrong/incorrect,something bad,notorious,negative, etc.
> 表示“多于”概念:bigger/larger/greater/more than/better than, etc.
表示“高” 概念:superior to,surpass, etc.
< 表示“少于”概念:less/smaller,etc.
表示“低”概念:inferior to,etc.
= 表示“同等”概念:means,that is to say, in other words,the same as,be equal to, etc.
表示“对手”概念:a match, rival, competitor, counterpart, etc.
( ) 表示“在......之间”:among, within, etc.
≠ 表示“不同”概念:be different from, etc.
表示“无敌”概念:matchless, peerless, etc.
~ 表示“大约”概念:about/around,or so, approximately, etc.
/ 表示“否定”,“消除”等概念:cross out, eliminate, etc.

五、 标点等
: 表示各种各样“说”的动词:say, speak, talk, marks, announce, declare, etc.
? 表示“问题”:question,issue,例如:台湾问题:tw?
. (dot) 这个“.”点的位置不同表示的概念也不一样“.d”表示yesterday, “.y”表示last year, “.2m”表示two month ago。“y”表示this year, “y2.” two year later“next week”, 可以表示为“wk.”
∧ 表示转折
√ 表示“好的“状态,right/good,famous/well-known,etc.
表示“同意”状态,stand up for,support, agree with sb, certain/ affirmative, etc.
☆ 表示“重要的”状态:important,exemplary(模范的) best,outstanding,brilliant,etc.
n 表示“交流”状态:exchange,mutual, etc.
&  表示“和”,“与”:and,together with,along with, accompany,along with,further more,etc.
∥ 表示“结束”:end,stop,halt,bring sth to a standstill/stop, etc.

六、 较长单词的处理办法
-ism   简写为  m 例如:socialism Sm
-tion  简 简写为  n 例如:standardization (标准化)  stdn
-cian 简 简写为  o 例如:technician  techo
-ing 简写为  g 例如:marketing (市场营销) MKTg
-ed 简写为  d 例如:accepted  acptd
-able/ible/ble 简写为  bl 例如:available avbl
-ment 简写为  mt 例如:amendment  amdmt
-ize 简写为  z 例如:recognize regz
-ful 简写为  fl 例如:meaningful mnfl
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