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 Our Principle
We always highly value
what is entrusted from by
customers and dedicate to
achieving the expectation of
customers in the spirit of
high-efficiency, brevity and
low-cost. We will insist on
promoting our capabilities.
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Company Briefing

Beijing Yihai-Tengfei Translation Co.,Ltd. is a professional translation firm,which is qualified to undertake businesses with foreign customers and officially registered at Beijing Administration Bureau for Industry & Commerce. The dedicated stamp for translation service, specially approved by Beijing Bureau of Public Security can be used worldwide, and its legal validity is recognized by varied embassies in China, State Foreign-Exchange Administration, Bank of China, Emigrant & Immigrant Administration Office, Notary Publics, Judicial Authorities and other governmental organs concerning industry & commerce administration and townscape management. Our company is a professional organization providing translation service of high quality/velocity for customer group including domestic foreign enterprises, public institutions, foreign embassies/consulates, representative offices of international organizations, news agencies domestic and abroad, non-governmental organizations, scientific research institutions and individual customers.

Our company is a specialized team composed of talents with specific industrial expertise and knowledge, including professional translators, proofreaders, computer application personnel as well as managing staffs who proficiently master varied languages. At moment, we are in possession of more than a hundred translation experts of varied language background as well as foreign translation staffs and have structured a network of translation service covering 42 languages. In the meanwhile we are also equipped with several high-performance computers, scanners, printers, CD/DVD writers together with internet access by broadband. Some hardware including internal LAN network, may thoroughly ensure processing speed and smooth transmission of documents. We established a set of integrate internal quality management system as well as a strict business flow because we fully understand that translation service means not only idea interpretation of language and letters but what more important C language performance of colloquial speech, slang and jargon is to be soundly worked out according to the embodiment and style expressed in the original context. Referred to the problems out of language and disciplines, we always insist on the ways of checking documents/materials and consulting experts intending to get a thorough solution and to ensure the authority and accuracy of translation works.

Since establishing the company, we win a unanimous recognition and appraisal by general customers for our professional operation over the years, advanced operational ideas, strict quality management system, quality service and sound hardware facilities as well as network technologies.? We now have become one of notable domestic providers of translation service and been appointed as the Chinese translation agency by many translation firms of U.S.A., Germany and Japan.

In the course of business operation, we believe in the business philosophy as of being professional, in good faith and rapidity and we know it very well that quality of translation is the heart-blood of enterprise and also concerned with the growth of enterprise.? In the course when our customers are accepting our service, they will not only be moved by our attitude of sincerity but also our professional service itself.? We are to be consistent with the first time and the last time when we render our customer services and also, we guarantee that we will still do better.We incorporate good faith into cooperative structure and based upon which we will promote mutual progress. China, in the 21st century, will be a more opened country. China is increasingly integrated with the world economy. Language as the bridge connecting to economy, technology and culture domestic and abroad, will play a more and more important role to be reckoned with.? Crossing-over the language barrier and sharing advanced knowledge and ideas worldwide, Beijing Yihai-Tengfei Translation Co.,Ltd. will stretch out helping hands for bridging you to cross over the language barrier and stepping into success.
Address:Room 512 Dabei Office Building No.1 Nan lang jia yuan,Chao Yang District, Tel:010-51661240 / 65677906 / 81534401
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