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 Our Principle
We always highly value
what is entrusted from by
customers and dedicate to
achieving the expectation of
customers in the spirit of
high-efficiency, brevity and
low-cost. We will insist on
promoting our capabilities.
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Latest Cases
99 Royal Bank of Scotland (RBS) Beijing Office 200 2006-5-10
98 Professional Standard on Economy Building Issued by the 2006-5-9
97 Product Direction on Glass Curtain Wall of an Engineering Company 2006-5-9
96 Website of a Large-sized Medical Instruments Company (E-C) 67,000w 2006-5-8
95 The Tender Document of a German Landscape Architecture Institute in 2006-5-8
94 Business Affairs Contract of a Foreign Trade Company in Shanghai 2006-4-30
93 Product Authentication Report of a Foreign Cosmetics Company (C-E) 2006-4-27
92 Financial Report of a Foreign Investment Consultation Company (Chinese 2006-4-24
91 Business Analysis and Evaluation Report of a Foreign-invested Bank 2006-4-17
90 Annual Report of a Software Company (C-E), 9,000w 20 2006-4-12
89 Record of an Interview (C-E), 110,000w 20 2006-4-10
88 Direction on a Series of Personal Nursing Products (Deutsch-Chinese), 2006-4-2
87 Authentication Materials of a Foreign Lawyer Office (E-C), 30,000w 2006-4-1
86 Financial Annual Report of a Public Company (C-E), 21,000w 2006-3-23
85 Operational Instruction on Medical Instruments (E-C), 90,000w 2006-3-12
84 Norms and Standards of the Architecture Business (C-E), 40,000w 2006-3-3
82 Brand Strategy and Analysis of the Engineering Machinery Business 2006-3-1
81 Legal Authentication Certificate of an Accountant Office (E-C), 2006-2-23
80 Operational Instruction on the Handling Machineries Electronic System 2006-2-19
79 Resource Analysis Report on the Feasibility of Overseas Cooperation 2006-2-8
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