Admission and Discharge

Nurse:How do you do.Welcome. I'm the nurse in chage of this ward. We hope you will feel at home here. These is nurse Wang. 你好。欢迎你。我是这病房的护土长。希望你在这里像在家里一样 ,这位是王护士。
Patient: Sorry to bother you all. 麻烦你们大家了。
N: If you need anything,just press this button.
P: Is it possible for my sister to stay here with me?
N: Yes, but she has to pay for her bed.Does she want to have meals here too? We don't think it is necessary. Your Condition isn't so serious.
P: What are the hours here for meals? 这儿什么时候开饭?
N: Patients usually get at 7 AM。Breakfast is at 8 o'clock.The ward rounds and treatment start at 9 AM. Lunch at noon. After that you have a nap or rest. visiting hours are from 3-7 PM. Super is at 6 PM. Bed time is from9:30-10:00 PM.
病人一般早7点起床. 8点吃早餐. 9点医生查房和做治疗.12点午餐。饭后午睡或休息.下午3点到7点是探视时间.6点晚餐, 9点半到 10点病人该睡觉了。
P: Will you show me where the sitting-room, bathroom and telephone are?
N: Of course.Are you Muslim? 当然可以,你是伊斯兰教徒吗?
P:Yes,I am. 是,我是。 No, I am not? 不,我不是。
N: Which kind of food do you prefer, Chinese or Western?
P:I prefer Western food. 我愿意吃西餐.
I like Chinese food very much. 我非常喜欢吃中餐。
N: Have you eaten breakfast(lunch, super) already?
P:Yes ,I have. 是,吃过了.
NO,I have not. 没有,还没吃。
N: How is your appetite? 你的胃口怎样?
P: Not so good. 不太好. Just so so. 一般.
I have no appetite at all. 一点食欲也没有.
N:What are your eating habits? 你的饮食习惯怎么样?
P: I don't eat much.I would like to have a snack in the afternoon and before going to bed.
I don't like greasy food 我不喜欢吃油腻的东西.
I prefer more vegetables than meat. 我愿意多吃青菜,少吃肉类.
Since I am overweight, I only take fish and chicken.
I don't like sweet things. 我不喜欢甜食.
N: Are you allergic to certain foods like prawns or shrimps?
P: I am allergic to sea food. 我对所有海产食物都过敏。
N: DO you like fruit? 你喜欢水果吗?
P:Yes, Please give me some with each meal.
N: Do you prefer a consommé or a cream soup?
Do you prefer milk or sour milk? 你喜欢牛奶还是酸奶?
Do you prefer black tea, jasmine tea, or coffee?
Do you take sugar with your milk(tea, coffee)?
DO you like your egg soft-boiled, hard-boiled or fried?
P : I like rice gruel(porridge, noodles, toast).
Please give me some fruit juice (iced water,mineral water).
Please don't give me any cakes. I only want soda-crackers.
Since my teeth are bad ,please give me soft foods and tender meat.
N:Please try to eat a little more .It will help you recover more quickly.
P: It is too noisy(hot, cold draughty).
N:May I close(Open) the door? 我可以关上(打开)门吗?
May I close (open)the window? 我可以关上(打开)窗吗?
May I turn on(off) the heat? 我可以打开(关上)暖气吗?
May i turn on(Of) the light? 我可以开(关)灯吗?
Let me adjust the air conditioner. 我来调整一下空调.
P: I am hungry(thirsty constipated). 我饿(渴,便秘)了. I cough a lot. 我咳嗽得厉害.
I don't sleep well at night. 我晚上睡不好。 The wound is hurting。 我的伤口疼.
N: I'll go and get you some cough mixture(a sleeping pill, a laxative, a tranquilizer, a pain-killer)
P: May I have another pillow(blanket)?
N: DO you want clean pajamas? 你要干净的睡衣裤吗?
P: Yes,thank you .Please bring me a dressing gown too..
N; Do you want to have a bed-bath? 给你擦个澡好吗?
P: I'd rather have a shower. 我想洗个淋浴.
I would like my hair washed(cut). 我想洗洗头(理理发)。
I would like to have a shave. 我想剃剃胡须.
N: May I throw these flowers away? 我把这些扔掉好吗?
P: Yes, please put these flower in a vase.
N:Mrs.Smith,you are wanted on the phone.
P: Is it a long distance call? 是长途电话吗?
N: NO. It's from your embassy(delegation).
Doctor:We are going to do the operation on you tomorrow.I hope you won't worry.
P: I will try not to, but will it hurt? 我会做到,但是否会痛呢?
D: We'll give you anaesthesia.If you feel any pain during the operation, just let me know.
Have you hand in you consent yet? 你交手术志愿书了吗?
P: How should I write it ? 该怎么写呢?
D: "I (name) the undersigned have requested and consented to a certain operation." That's all.
We need the seal of your embassy and the signatur of your Ambassador on the consent form.
N: I'd like to Shave off the hair around the operation.
P: I have never been in a hospital before. I'm so scared.
N: There is nothing to worry about. The doctor who will operate on you is very experrenced and considerate.If you have any discomfort during the operation, please don't hesitate to tell him. I'11 give you an enema tonight. After that please don't take any food or water before the operation.
P: How do you do it? Does it hurt? 你怎个做法呢,痛吗?
N: I'11 insert a rubber tube into your anus and let the soapsuds solution flow into your rectum. Please let me know if you feel distension.I'11 stop the flowing。Hold it for several minutes before you expel it.That may preduce a better result.
N: The operation went very well.Please turn from side to side every two or three hours.
P: I only feel mild pain.I don't think a pain-killer is necessary.The pain is very severe. I can't stand it. Please give me a pain-killer at once.
N: I'11 help you gat up. You can try walking around the room or corridor.
P: I think I'm quite ail right now. 我似乎已经完全好了.
N :You are going to be discharged the day after tomorrow.
P: Is that so? I'm so happy. 真的吗,我太高兴了.
N: You have been in the hospital for two weeks, haven't you?
P: Exactly,but the doctor told me I still have to rest for one more week.
N: The doctor has written a certificate for you. There are two suggestions.First,avoid any mental stress and have a good rest. Secondly,examinations of fasting sugar and an EKG should be done regularly. 医生已经给你开好了证明书.里面有两个建议.第一,避免精神紧张,好好休息.第二,定期查空腹血糖和做心电图检查.
P: My organization(doctor) needs my medical history. May I have it tomorrow?
N: Certainly. 当然可以.
P: Please give me my account. 请给我结一下帐.
N: I'11 go to the admissions' office to get you bill at once.
P: HOW much do I owe you? May I pay it by cheque?
N: Altogether three hundred and fifty yuan.seventy five fen.You may pay either In cash or by check.
总共 350元 7角 5分,你付现金或开支票都行.
P: I must go now.will you call a taxi for me?
N: Have you made sure you haven't left anything behind?
P :I don't think so. I'm really very grateful to you all. You were all so kind to me.
N: Don't mention it. That is our job.不必客气,那是我们的职责.The taxi has come.出租车来了.
The taxi is on its way, It will be here soon.