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Nurse:Do you want to see a doctor? 你要看病吗?
Patent: Yes, where shall I register? 是的,在哪儿挂号?
N: Here, have you been here before? 这儿,你从前来过吗?
P:Yes,a year age./NO,this is my first visit.
N:Have you a registration card? 
P:Yes here it is./NO,I forgot to bring it.
有,在这儿呢./ 没有,我忘记带了.
N: Do you remember your card number?
P: Yes, it is C dash one,five, zero, eight, four, three./No.I can't remember it.
记得,是 C-150843./不记得了.

N: When did you come last? 上次你什么时侯来的?
P: About a week ago. 大约在一周以前.
N: Then I'11 find out for you. 那么,我给你查查.
Are you working in the Embassy? 你在大使馆工作吗?
P:Yes I'll be here for three to five years.
I'm a teacher at… 我是…的教师.
N: Pleas show me your identity card (diplomati certificate,experts certificate, passport). 请出示你的身份证(外交官证、专家证、护照)。

P: I'm a tourist. 我是一个旅游者.
N:How long do you intend to stay here? 你准备在这里呆多久?
P: About one week. 大约一周。
Till the end of this year. 到今年年底。
I'm leaving tomorrow morning. 我明天早晨就走。
N: I'll make a file (record) for you. 我要给你做一份病历.
Please write down your full name in block letters.

How old are you? 你的年龄?
When were you born? 你是哪年生的?
P:I was burn on the fifteenth of February nineteen fifty two.
N:What is your position in the Embassy? 你在大使馆做什么工作?
P: I'm the ambassador (minister, chargéd' affaires, counselor, first secretary,second secretary, third secretary, Attaché, staff, secretary-archivist, military
attaché). 我是大使(公使,代办,参赞,一等秘书,二等秘书,三等秘书,随员,职员,档案秘书,武官随员).
N:What is your work here? 你在这里做什么工作?
P: I'm a delegate (businessman, engineer, teacher, artist, musician, retired worker, pilot housewife). 

N: Are you married or single? 你结婚了,还是独身?
P: Yes, I'm married. 是的,我结婚了.
NO, I'm single. 没有,还是独身.
I'm divorced. 离婚了。
N: What's your address, pleas. 请告诉我你的住址。
P: I live in … hotel(…Embassy,…building …block…number).
N: Your telephone number, please. 请告诉我你的电话.
P:Five, two, two, one, three. Extension one five six.
N: Is your baby a boy or a girl? 你的孩子是男孩还是女孩?
Who is your host? 谁接待你?
P: I am a delegate of… delegation. 我是.....代表团的团员。
N: who is paying? 谁替你付款?
Can you charge it to your organization? 你能在你的单位报销吗?
Will they reimburse you? 他们给你报销吗?
P: I pay for myself. 我自己付款(我自费)。
I think they will reimburse me. 我想他们会给我报销。
I think they will give me the money back. 我想他们会把钱还给我的.
N: Please pay for the registration. 请交挂号费。
P: How much? 多少钱?
N:Here is your receipt and change. 这是收据和找回的钱.
Have you any small change? 你有零钱吗?
This is your registration card. Please don't lose it and bring it whenever you come.
P: Yes, I will. 好,照办.

N: What's wrong with you today? 你今天哪里不舒服?
Which department do you want to register with? 你要挂哪科的号?
P: I want to see a physician我要看内科.
P: I don't know which clinic. I have a rash all over my body.It ches badly.
N: I think you should see a dermatoloist first. If necessary we'll transfer you to the physician. 

P: I would like to see a dentist. 我想见一位牙科医生。
N: For a filling? a denture? or a cleaning? 
P: I want to have a denture fitted (my teeth cleansed), please make an appointment for me. 我要镶牙(洁齿),请给我约个时间.
N: OK! Next Wednesday, do you prefer 8 o'clock or 10 o'clock?
P: Ten o'clock suits me better. 十点钟对我更合适。
N:Please come with me. 请随我来.
P: How long must I wait? 我还需要等多久?
N: Your turn is next. 下一个就轮到你了.
There are two more patients before you. 在你前面还有两个病人.
It's your turn now. 该你看病了.
The patient before you is a rather complicated case. I'm sorry you will have to wait at least half an hour. 

P: I would like to have a check-up for a driving licence.
N: You need to have your eyes, ears and blood pressure checked.You need to have a fluoroscopy done. 
你需要检查一下眼睛、耳朵和血压. 你需要做透视检查。
P:The doctor needs my weight, pleas weigh me.
N: Please bring a photograph of yourself, we have to affix a stamp on the corner of it.

P:The doctor suggested I have a series of gastro-intestinal tests made. What shall I do? 医生建议我做个胃肠造影。我该怎样做呢?
N: I'll make an appointment for you at once.Come next Friday morning at 8 o'clock.Please don't eat or drink any thing after midnight.
P: Not even water? 水也不行吗?
N: A sip of water is all right. 小口水还是可以的.
P: Where can I get the certificate stamped? 我这证明在哪儿盖章呢?
N: Right here.I'11 do it for you. 就在这儿。我来给你盖.

P: If it is an emergency case,we can come at any time,can't we ?or should we phone first?
N: If you have the time better notify us befor you come. Have you had your lungs x-raged this year?
P : When can I get the result? 我什么时候能知道检查结果?
N:Right away. 马上就可以. in two days. 两天以后。
P: May I ask our interpreter to phone for the result?
N:Yes you may. You can have all the results next Monday when you come to see the doctor.
是的,可以。 你下星期一看病的时候,所有的结果都会出来的。
P: The paper for the driving licence need my height.
N: DO you know your height in centimeters? 
P: No I don't know.I measure five feet eleven inches.
N: OK!I'11 calculate it for you.That's one hundred and seventy-seven point five centimeters. 好,我替你算算.这就是 177.5厘米.
lf the patient is too weak, we can do home visit. Our doctor and nurse can go to the patient's home by our ambulance. In case the patient needs to be hospitalized, we shall bring him(her) back. 假如病人太弱,我们可以出诊.我们的医生和护土可以乘我们的救护车到病人家去。假如病人需要住院,我们就把他(她)带回医院来.

I'11 take some blood from your arm. Please take off your coat and roll up your sleeve.
I'11 take some blood from your ear. Please take off yourearring.
Your veins don't stand out very clearly.I'11 try to do it care. Be patient. Please clench your fist.
Pleas open your hand.Press it with this bit of cotton wool for a while.

I'll do a skin test first to see if you have any sensitivity.
Since you are sensitive to the anti-tetanus serum, we will have to give it to you four doses, at an interval of twenty minutes.
P: How often should I have the injection? 这针多久注射一次?
N: Once a day(twice a day). 每天一次(每天两次).
P: Where do you give it? 在哪个部位注射呢?
N: In the buttocks(in the arm). 在臀部(在手臂上).
P: I discovered a lump on my buttock yesterday. What shall I do?
N: Let me have a look. Better put hot towels on it. Two times a day for fifteen minutes, If It doesn't get better, we'11 try ghysiotherapy.